Surgical Treatment For Gynecomastia – When Is It Necessary?

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gynecomastia surgery result imageDo I need surgery to get rid of my gynecomastia or can I use natural method?

For many men using natural methods is all that is needed to eliminate the dreaded man boob situation. But there are always exceptions. In some cases surgery may be required for full restoration to a normal look. Of course, even so you should still use the treatment protocol to reduce the lumps as much as possible. This will help make the surgery cheaper as well as easier for the surgeon to perform and help get you a better outcome as well.

Though treating the underlying cause (estrogen dominance) and using medicinal therapy (topical DHT gel) are the  ordinary treatment protocol for gynecomastia, they are at times not fully effective, specifically in longstanding cases of gynecomastia. This may be because the breast tissue gets replaced through time a trauma with scar tissue in longstanding cases of gynecomastia and it’s not amenable to medical treatment. Hard lumps that have been present for a decades or longer may be resistant to fully dissolving even with use of topical DHT. It is this type of situation where surgery becomes a viable and necessary option.

Other reasons to consider having the surgical option done is that some guys may not tolerate medicines very well. There are men who may be allergic to topical gels or just an ingredient contained within it. Also some may be allergic to supplements used o lower estrogen.  Though unlikely, the fear of breast cancer may also drive some men to request a surgical procedure just to rule this possibility out.

However, if you are not such an individual you should really try the non-surgical approach first. Gynecomastia surgery is intense, and results as well as patient satisfaction differ widely with some men feeling they are worse off for having undergone the procedure. There is also the risk of visible scarring depending on how much tissue needs to be removed.

Another problem with opting for surgery right away is that without treating the underlying cause, man boobs can return even after a removal procedure. That’s because the same hormone imbalance will cause the hard lumps to grow again. You must treat the underlying causes first. As discussed in the protocol this involves lowering systemic estrogen and changing eating habits to facilitate a low estrogen environment in your body. This must be addressed whether going the surgical route or not!

“In some cases Gynecomastia could resolve on it’s own”

As mentioned earlier, Gynecomastia is physiological as well. Some cases are just natural and short term and treatment may just involve waiting. The neonatal gynecomastia and pubertal gynecomastia are transient and will subside on its own in a couple of months. As well,  more than 50% of guys who get hospitalized develop some degree of gynecomastia just laying in bed at the hospital! It’s not essential to evaluate and perform surgery in all guys and with gynecomastia. Evaluation of enlarged male breasts by a qualified plastic surgeon is required before any procedure is scheduled. Choose a surgeon with extensive experience in Gynecomastia procedures as it is as much an art form as it is surgery. You want your new chest to look right!