Foods To Lose Chest Fat – Does Alcohol Cause Man Boobs?

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cruciferous vegetablesIn the fight against man boobs, the food you eat is an important factor. After all, haven’t you heard that you are what you eat? It’s basically true. The foods that you consume can affect your body in many ways from fat storage to hormone modulation.

Foods to avoid:

For losing man boobs, it is significant to watch out for what foods affect your estrogen and testosterone levels. Hormone-treated meat and dairy are reputed to increase your estrogen levels. Likewise, sugary foods cause a spike in the hormone insulin, the prime regulator of fat storage in your system. Generally, higher insulin levels will cause your body to store more fat. In addition it inhibits the enzymes that are required for fat burning in the body. Your system simply can’t burn fat, when your insulin levels are spiked. Eventually you end up breaking up your own muscle tissue for a renewable energy source for your body!

The easy fix for this situation is to eliminate sugary foods from your diet, with the exception of occasional fresh fruits. It is also a good idea to eat using the glycemic index food charts as a general guide such as found here. This will help insure your insulin levels are kept in check.


Unfortunately, another food item you ill need to cut down on or avoid is alcohol, most notably beer. Alcohol has been shown to increase levels of estrogen which is the worst thing to happen in men as high estrogen levels lead to man boob growth.

Good to eat:

The good news is that there are also foods that can help keep you from getting man boobs! That’s right! Foods like nuts, avocados, oysters and organic beef are reputed to boost testosterone levels. And healthy T-levels are a very good thing for men. Buy equally important is that estrogen levels are not too high. Now men actually need some estrogen for the body to function properly. But when levels get to high it leads to disaster (or moobs!). So are there foods can you eat to keep estrogen level in check? Yes! Actually cruciferous vegetables are excellent at modulating estrogen levels and keeping them in the right balance. Cruciferous vegetable in things like broccoli, cauliflower and brussels sprouts.

Add some exercises:

Adding an exercise program is the perfect addition to eating right. It is important to remember that spot exercising your chest does not work. You need to work the whole body to overall fat levels. Then you will get results. To get the biggest testosterone boosts from weight training, it is likewise crucial to train the biggest muscles in your body such as the quadriceps, hamstrings and back. Exercises which stimulate these muscles would such as: squats, pull-ups and deadlifts. It is best to workout intensely with short rest periods rather. This will increase metabolism and burn more fat.

The final weapon:

One thing you may want to add to all this is topical DHT, DHT is a derivative of testosterone but much more powerful for bringing out male characteristics such as body hair and a flat chest. You put a small dab directly on the chest and it immediately starts eating away at any hard Gynecomastia lumps. This is best used when you have the hard, painful lumps already formed in your chest as nothing works as well to get rid of them. You can find DHT gel here.

You can get rid of man boobs without surgery, if you will dedicate yourself to a new lifestyle. A way to eat and exercise for health and a good physique. Remember, you just need to lower your insulin and estrogen levels, increase your testosterone levels, and your man boob problem will transform all by itself!