When A Man Suffers From Severe Gynecomastia: Treatment For Man Boobs

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kp37fiefheDid you know? – Gynecomastia varies from the puffiness of nipples to tubular breasts that droop below the sternum!

The emotional destruction may be nothing short of devastating when a man suffers from severe gynecomastia. These very bad cases can see men with chest sizes rivaling a D cup! Great for a woman, terrible for men to have. As breasts this vast are rough to hide, men with large man boobs will likely limit social interaction and may lead very isolated lives. All because of the shame and embarrassment this condition causes. Further impacts include the avoidance of intimacy and feelings of depression over the loss of masculinity.

Gynecomastia is due to the excess growth of breast tissue, as well as excess fat tissue.  It’s commonly caused by an imbalance of estrogen and testosterone. This may be because of steroid abuse, certain medications or even puberty. The condition may occur in one or both breasts. It begins as a little lump beneath the nipple, which might be tender. This may be accompanies by increase of chest fat. Over time if nothing is done the lumps and fat can grow and become very disfiguring.

In cases where male breasts are as huge as a C cup or bigger, the patient has a condition called male breast ptosis, where the breast virtually droops down. The areola will fall below threshold of the lower pectoral line. In these severe cases a surgical procedure is usually called for. That’s because even when you lose the fat naturally there is too much stretched skin left to be aesthetically pleasing and it must be surgically cut out.

Men who have lived with gynecomastia for several years, unfortunately will likely have emotional baggage due to effects of the condition on daily social life. Dating and relationships can be greatly effected even when the romantic partner doesn’t care. That’s because of the psychological effects on guys with severe man boobs. This depressed mental state can lead to extreme self-esteem issues that are difficult to overcome.

So what to do if you suffer from gynecomastia? Well if you are a teenager going through puberty they may very well go away all by themselves. You only need to get treatment in the event gynecomastia does not go away after more than two years.  But for other men you will need to take action. If the growth is new or not too extensive a natural approach is recommended. You can find out about the best way to naturally get rid of gynecomastia at http://www.kosweizerprotocol.com.

When to Contact a Doctor

If your man boob condition is very severe or natural treatment did not fully resolve the condition you may need to contact a plastic surgeon. This should always be the last step as it is a very involved procedure and quite expensive. Also, insurance rarely covers it. Expect your provider to talk with you about medicines or substances that may cause breast growth. As well as stopping the use or changing medicines so the issue does not return after surgical correction.