Better Way To Burn Chest Fat – Keep Eating Those Veggies!

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It’s veggies and lean meat that will help burn off that chest fat and get rid of your man boobs!

fat burning veggies imageYou better believe that diet is a crucial factor in correcting your chest fat problems. With the wrong diet, you really have no chance to get rid of them. So it pays to know exactly what you should be eating and what to avoid when you start your jouney to get rid of the moobs.

For most guys, a complete overhall of their eating habits is necessary. Start slowly – in addition to green and colored vegetables, go for coconut, avocados, nut butters, olive oil, and  plant based meat options if you are a vegetarian.  Also for meats try grass fed beef. if you’re not into eating beef then organic chicken or fish is a great choice. You want organic and grass fed because the hormones used in regular meats will increase systemic estrogen and make your problems worse! Just remember to consume those veggies!

Another great food to consume often is bone broth. This has actually been used throughout the ages for improved health and healing of the joints and body. it is great to help lose fat too. To make bone broth. Place two large bones from a pasture-raised animal in a crockpot. Then fill with water and a splash of vinegar, and simmer on lower for 10 -24 hours. Easy to make and really good for you.

Also, if you are avoiding red meat, you may start with leftover carcass from a roast chicken or any other chicken bones from a healthy organic source. Other things to throw in a broth would be turkey backs, chicken backs, chicken legs, etc. Actually, a lot of farmers will sell top-notch marrow bones as dog bones. Since there isn’t an enormous demand for marrow bones, there’s a good chance you could get them for really cheap.

Another tool to add to the dietary changes is actually not to eat. It’s called intermittent fasting and usually you would fast for a 24 hour period maybe twice a week. This has been shown to spike growth hormone levels and that really can help shed excess weight fast. While it’s not for everyone, intermittent fasting could be among the most powerful tools in the arsenal. It’s kind of a way to get back some youthful metabolism and vitality and helps you to look and feel better!