How To Lose Man Boobs Caused By Puberty And In Men Over 40

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Gynecomastia (gyno) is sometimes caused by hormonal imbalances that occur with steroid abuse or from going through puberty!

You may be facing the horror of man boobs just because you are going through puberty. You see, at this time your hormones are surging in your body. Often estrogens shoot up to unnatural levels or just get to high in relation to testosterone. And wham! You develop Gyno. Or you’re around 40 plus on age range, and your natural testosterone levels start to decease. This is accompanied by a rise in estrogen. Boom! Man boobs! This is actually a common occurrence in older men.

So what to so? Well if you are a teen going through puberty it may be best to just wait and see. Most cases actually resolve themselves at this age. You just have to be patient. Of course, a natural anti-estrogen would likely be a big help. Not the prescription stuff just all natural over the counter herbs that help keep estrogen levels in check. You can read more about that here.

For older men you will likely need some additional help. This topical DHT gel is very effective at reducing and totally elimination gyno lumps. It is applied on a daily basis and usually gets the job done in a few weeks to a few months. At the same time, getting on a natural anti-estrogen as discussed earlier would also be a great idea to assist the process.


You should also get on an exercise regimen. Now a lot of guys think chest exercises are the answer to reduce fat. But the truth is you need to do high intensity full body workouts! You can spot reduce chest fat with push ups! While pumping out sets of bench presses and flys will assist you to build up pectoral muscles themselves, losing the actual fat itself actually comes with time as you lose overall body fat.

Decent exercise and dietary habits alone could deliver some noticeable improvements if you’re entirely dealing with a minor case of gyno, and you will use that as a starting point and can ‘reassess’ once you see what results type you get. With the addition of the topical DHT and estrogen blockers you will have an even greater chance of fast and satisfying results. If your own case is mild to moderate and you believe your man boobs are a combination of excess chest fat and gyno lumps, you usually can get great results just following the ideas outlined above.


Now, if you aren’t eating properly to assist fat loss goals, you’ll either severely compromise the results or they’ll be non existent altogether. It doesn’t matter how much time and effort you put forth in gym. Basically you want to cut out sugar and refined flour products from your diet. Eat organic if possible. Lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables should be a staple. Eat right, workout and use the DHT gel and estrogen blockers and you will see improvements. There are no secret techniques or exercises that will magically melt away your own chest fat over night. It takes consistency to follow a plan and then just some good old fashion patience!