How To Reduce Man Boobs With Lifestyle Changes And Effective Home Treatments

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“Oh no, I think I have man boobs!”

kp67djcveuddThe dreaded man boobs is one of the worst things to happen to a guy. Sporting a set of breasts is just not manly by any stretch of the imagination! It can really put a cramp on the social life in and out of the bedroom too. But how did you get gyno and what can you do about it?

Gynecomastia can either be pathological, where it’s caused by a medical illness or drugs, it can be physiological, where it’s seen as a normal process in the body that is not associated with any illness, or it may be idiopathic, where no cause is known. The top causes are probably steroid abuse, certain medications like Finasteride and going through puberty. Developing gyno in puberty is becoming more common likely do to the increasing pesticides and other estrogen like substances in the environment called ‘xenoestrogens’. Additionally the rampant use of hormones and antibiotics in our food supply is a factor.  Essentially, there are environmental factors that are increasing your chances of getting pubertal gynecomastia and this increase is persisting into adulthood.

By far the most important hormones involved with gynecomastia are testosterone and  estrogen. Anything that changes the levels or even ratios of these hormones or changes the way the body uses or responds to these two hormones, can cause men to grow boobs. Another common cause of gynecomastia are drugs and steroid abuse. But the mode of action for why these cause problems in men relates back to estrogen. For example Finasteride, commonly used to prevent hair loss, causes an increase in estrogen and for many men leads to fat accumulation in the chest and the hard painful lumps to form.  You can see a more comprehensive list of drugs that cause gyno here.

In addition to avoiding the mentioned medications, you can help reduce your chances to get gyno if you exercise, keep fit and maintain low body fat. Diet is also important. You should avoid sugars, refined flour products and stick to meals low on the glycemic index chart as much as possible. You also need to educate yourself on dietary estrogen reduction and get good at limiting your exposure to environmental estrogens. For example, cruciferous vegetable kike broccoli actually help keep bad estrogens levels low.

Chest fat

Putting on excess weight causes your body to grow man boobs via multiple different mechanisms. Being fat gives your body such a strong signal to grow man boobs, that it’s near impossible for a guy with man boobs to lose his man boobs naturally without first losing overall body fat first. That is why if you have flabby chest fat diet it crucial to a successful recovery.

Flabby male breasts are a pain to live with. Some may say it’s in your genes and there’s nothing you can do about it. Don’t listen! Losing fat is done by people everyday day and you can do it too. At the end of this articles is a synopsis program that will help you flatten and sculpt your chest.

Medical illness? See a doctor!

If your gyno is caused by a medical illness, your highest priority going to be to treat that first. Therefore go see your doctor before you do anything else!  Most guys only see their doctor if their condition is pretty severe, but if you suspect you have something wrong going on medical intervention is called for. Severe gynecomastia whatever the cause will likely need some surgical treatment so you will be seeing a doctor anyway. Although very unlikely, there is also the possibility of breast cancer. Better way to find out if you have gyno or breast cancer, is to go see your doctor. Your doc can usually tell from a simple examination, though they may request more tests if they have reason for concern.

Know that breast cancer and gynecomastia are not the same thing. The main difference is that gynecomastia is benign, it doesn’t spread and invade other parts of your body, cancer does. Unless there is an underlying disease process, gynecomastia doesn’t need to be treated it’s a cosmetic choice that most men want to take care of.

What to do now

The key to getting rid of man boobs in almost all cases is to follow a proven method of treatment. What would that be? Let’s take a look:

1. You need to lower systemic estrogen in your body. For the best ways to do this click here.
2. You need to use a topical DHT gel to eat away any hard fibrous gyno tissue in your chest. For a good choice click here.
3. You need to change what you eat. Eliminate sugars and refined flours type processed foods. Eat a lot of fruits, vegetable and lean meats.
4. You need to start an exercise program that works the total body. You can’t spot reduce chest fat it’s doesn’t work like that. High intensity weight training for the whole body is the way to go. Check out this video:

That’s really all you need to do. The DHT gel you can stop after you are happy with the results buy the other stuff really should become a way of life for you. Keeping healthy and prevent gynecomastia or any other health issue is the way to go.