How To Remove Man Boobs Fast With The Right Treatments

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No matter what the cause of your man boobs this treatment works great!

Are you dealing with the embarrassing issue of larger than normal chest development? You are not alone. Gynecomastia or man boobs as they are commonly known is a condition in which a man develops larger than normal breasts. This condition is understandably very embarrassing and more so when it occurs throughout the sensitive teenage years. Even with older or married men it creates a big social complication to the sufferer as they can themselves becoming an object of ridicule that others just can’t understand. Fortunately you can do something about it.

While there can be many causes of man boobs the way to get rid of them basically all involves the same treatments. It is very likely you developed gynecomastia because of a hormone imbalance, namely between estrogen and testosterone. Other factors may include overeating or eating a bad diet which contributes to chest fat development and steroid abuse which often causes an increase in estrogen and then the formation of the hard painful lumps that signify gyno. In this way there gonna be quite a lot of factors to consider such as  your hormonal status and your body type. The main treatment protocol will include exercise, diet and hormones or a combination of all three. For the most part there’s no cause for alarm as the treatment protocol will always be a remedy to this condition for any man.


  • Topical DHT – this is the core of the protocol to eliminate gyno. It is a topical DHT gel applied to the chest daily. It will immediately start eating away at the gyno lumps.
  • Natural Anti-estrogen – this is needed to reduce systemic estrogen to  normal levels. It will help reduce the lumps and keep them from returning. More about natural supplements here.
  • Diet and Exercise – Eating right to lose fat and doing an exercise program to lose total body fat (you can’t spot reduce chest fat) is also very important. Eat a low glycemic index type diet and exercises the total body intensely for maximum fat burning.

If the cause of your man boobs is the imbalance of estrogen and testosterone production and the condition persists hereafter you can likely regrow the gyno lumps after getting rid of them! That is why eating right and keeping estrogen low is important. So there’re no short cuts or easy way about this. It’s also important to keep in mind we have to exercise.

kp38idnfknfIt will make very little sense to drink and after that consume a kilogram of cholesterol rich meat and hope to rid of your boobs in two months. We have to observe a healthy life style to get rid of moobs and keep them away permanently, Taking these into consideration, we have to say that cutting out sugary foods and high carbs junk food is important to getting a satisfactory result.

Besides hormonal imbalance during puberty or from steroid abuse, there’re other causes that also propagate this condition. This include obesity which is the main culprit of chest fat and particular medicines (finasteride) that may affect the production of estrogen and testosterone.
In this case you will need to quit doing whatever is causing you to grow the gyno. If you don’t you will likely get a return of the condition at some point down the line.


Estrogen bad!

Actually men need some estrogen to function properly. But with too much, estrogen activates the mammary glands thereby stimulating the growth of breasts just like it happens in girls. That said, this happens when the male body is unable to balance its production of estrogen against testosterone making him start developing breasts. This hormonal imbalance happens more during puberty or from abusing sterroids. Sometimes gynecomastia will resolve on it’s own. The most interesting thing is that if this condition is left for about one year or more, the hormones are always going to find their own balance and the condition may reduce on it’s own.

Man boobs is getting to be a  very common problem in our time. It might be the most common among the overweight as obesity accounts for a very large percentage of man boobs causes, Natural dietary removal of man boobs works more  with obesity related moobs. The topical DHT is most effective against the hard painful lumps that characterize gynecomastia.