How To Reduce Chest Fat And Look More Toned!

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“I wish I had a toned chest!”

More and more these days guys are carrying too much fat on the chest area. Some blame it on an increase of toxins and estrogenic compounds in our environment. Whatever the cause, it leads to social embarrassment and often even a decrease in self-esteem. A lot of guys resign themselves to accepting their problem and making the bets of it. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can reduce your chest fat ad change your looks for good if you are willing to commit to a plan and stick it out.

The keys to reducing chest fat:

  1. Altering your diet to burn fat
  2. Starting an exercise routine to burn more fat

Burn fat cells by changing what you eat

Eating the right way to burn fat is not rocket science. You have probably already heard the formula but just chose not to do it. Basically you want to eat lean meats, vegetable and fruits. You want to eat some but a lesser amount of grains, nuts and seeds. And finally you want to totally avoid all processed foods and sugary foods. Basically anything that comes in a box is out.

Sounds harsh and difficult to stick to? Yes but it is really easier once you get started. One way to help is to start buying only the foods that you should be eating. Learn to avoid the tricks at the grocery store they put all the impulse buys where they are easy to see knowing you will be weak and buy! A good way to increase your will power is to only go grocery shopping on a full stomach. try it out it really works.

 Moderate to heavy weight lifting is a key fat burner

Forget about the long jogs and areabics. Lifting weights is the way to go to burn  fat and tone your chest. And that means total body workouts not just chest stuff. You can’t spot reduce it just doesn’t work. Lost total body fat and the chest area will improve. Science is also finding that weight lifting has high benefits for fat loss. What they found was following a strenuous ’90 minute’ weight lifting protocol men’s  post-exercise metabolic rate (the rate at which their metabolism remains elevated and they burne calories) remained high for a prolonged period compared to low intensity exercise and may enhance post exercise lipid oxidation.

So when lifting weights,  sets should be performed with an emphasis on generating as much force as possible. You want to start your workout first with a warm-up and than hit it powerfully. Furthermore because large, heavy compound movements work the most muscle, they are the best type of lifts to do.  Plus these kind of compound movements can increase your testosterone and that will help your chest look even better once the fat is gone!  That’s in consonance with research published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology and Occupational Physiology, that studied the acute hormonal response to heavy resistance exercise and found levels of testosterone significantly increased after heavy resistance training.

It’s really not hard. If you want to tone out your chest you need to start eating clean and lifting weights. It is really a lifestyle change that you need to do. But you won’t just look better. You will also be a lot healthier and that is just as important!