Causes and Treatments for Gynecomastia – Help Me Eliminate My Man Boobs!

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Q: What causes Gynecomastia? A: Steroid abuse, puberty and medications such as Finasteride are common causes – while up to 25% of all cases of Gynecomastia have no apparent cause!

So many cases of Gynecomastia just seem to develop with no actual cause ever determined! This little factoid in itself doesn’t mean that there is no underlying reason but could just be unknown. The medic society for lack of a better word, actually does not see what’s causing gynecomastia for a majority of guys or so it seems like. Really, there is no single cause for gynecomastia that is traced back to every individual with gynecomastia and it depends on lots of various factors. Whatever the cause, the treatments for man boobs are basically the same.

So how do I get rid of my man boobs?

Treatment of Gynecomastia is really quite simple. There are two options: surgical or non-surgical. If you have a really bad case it may be the smart move to refer to a surgeon for further advice. But if you have a mild or moderate case then you should try non-surgical methods. The first line of attack is to get some topical DHT. You can find it here. DHT will attack the hard painful fibrous tissues that comprise Gynecomastia with a vengeance, slowly eating it away. The goal here is to reduce the lumps so that they are not noticeable. They may never truly disappear totally if you have had Gynecomastia for a few years or longer. But so what it’s the look that counts and this stuff is the answer!

In addition you will want to try lowering Estrogen as much as possible with natural means. Try cutting down on sugars and refined flour foods. eat more broccoli. Take supplements know to decrease Estrogen such as DIM or Erase. This is the winning formula to eliminate man boobs. Keep at it they won’t go away overnight. This should be considered a lifestyle change that will improve both your moobs and your health!

It must be noted that studies in the causes of gynecomastia are still in the infancy.

Researchers may not be as concerned about finding the causes of Gynecomastia as just singling out an effective treatment. Doctors just tell patients it doesn’t matter how you got them let’s just schedule a surgery! In such cases, it’s referred to as idiopathic meaning, the trouble is unknown or can’t be figured out. There is really a limited number of studies that been conducted around what causes gynecomastia. One reason for the quite low number of studies around this medicinal condition is that it’s not a life threatening condition. Plus, treatment of this medicinal condition is not covered under most insurance packages unless accompanied with a life-threatening situation like the presence of a tumor.


One of the major causes of gynecomastia among bodybuilders is the use of steroids. Steroids can influence the estrogen levels in the body and therefore gynecomastia among bodybuilding professionals is a very common occurrence, especially if they are uninformed about safe steroid use. It replace the testosterone and estrogen balance in the torso and thence, the balance tilts towards estrogens and gynecomastia develops thereof, when steroids are used. In the center of recurring questions about the causes of gynecomastia comes from ‘corpus builders’ who have developed gynecomastia therefore of steroid use. There’re products in the industry specifically for bodybuilders or these taking steroids to address the threat of developing gynecomastia. Once the breast tissue is developed  it is difficult to reverse. The key realization here’s that prevention is usually better doodah!

Gynecomastia is caused due to heaps of reasons but often, the key culprit is an excess presence of estrogen or female hormones in men due to steroid use or even puberty. Estrogen is a female hormone that gives girls their bodily features and when this hormone is produced, it leads to breast tissue growth. Males do have some quantity of estrogen usually present in their system but in the case of men with gynecomastia, estrogen is proven to be dominant and hence, they develop feminine features, quite visible of which is breast enlargement. In virtually 25% off all cases, the causes of gynecomastia is traced back to the use and occasionally abuse of steroid drugs.

Another cause of gynecomastia is Klinefelter syndrome and is a chromosomal abnormality. Societies with this condition will have an extra X chromosome and to put things in perspective for you, X and Y chromosomes in our own bodies determines the gender and men always have XY combination whereas ladies have XX combination. In the case of men with Klinefelter syndrome, they will have an extra X chromosome leading to an abnormal XXY combination. While as reported by studies on this medic condition, men with Klinefelter syndrome has a 20 fold chance of breast cancer compared to everyone else and gynecomastia is an ordinary symptom among men with this medical condition.