Man Boobs Elimination Workout – This Is Accomplished In Two Ways

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Do you suffer from the curse of man boobs? If so you know what devastation they can have on your life. No swimming or going to the beach with shirt off. No intimate encounters because you are embarrassed about your chest. All you want is to get rid of them! Well you can eliminate man boobs if you go about it the right way.

This is accomplished in two ways.

First you need to change the chemistry affecting your chest growth. For this first we need an all out assault using topical DHT. This is a derivative of testosterone responsible for male characteristics development. It is a powerful fighter of Gynecomastia and is crucial to your routine for elimination. You will either need a prescription from your doctor to get it compounded or you can buy a commercially made formulation called Andractim here.

Along with topical DHT you want to lower the amount of Estrogen in your body. It is Estrogen that is causing your man boobs to grow! Some natural over-the-counter ways to lower Estrogen you could look into would be:

  • DIM – broccoli extract
  • Calcium D Gluconate
  • Grape Seed Extract
  • Erase – strong otc Estrogen blocker used by bodybuilders

Second, you will also need to start exercising. Working out burns fat and body fat is one place where Estrogen is stored. You can try interval cardio workouts -I do not care which kind, though I personally recommend running as it burns a ton of calories and works virtually every muscle group in your body. Doing interval cardio burns will melt the fat from in as little time as feasible. Circuit training with weights is also excellent. Combine exercises and rest only 30 seconds to a minute between sets. You should be breathing hard and sweating when doing circuit training the right way.

Most guys think that when you want to get rid of the man boobs all it takes is nothing more than chest exercises. They do tons of pushups, flies, chest presses, and so on, and while there is nothing bad with doing those exercises, they do not target root of the problem which lies with Estrogen dominance as well as too much body fat. It sucks to know but you just can’t spot reduce chest fat if you are overweight or have excess body fat. You have to train to get rid of it all at the same time.

Try to remember what man boobs really are:

They are a growth of un-natural glandular tissues under the areola as well as an accumulation of breast fat in the chest area. This is all helped along by Estrogen dominance. This is extra fat tissue in the pectoral field, not dwindling muscles. There’re guys with underdeveloped pecs but no man boobs just cause they had little fat there.

You would do well to research this topic carefully, when you have got man boobs and want to eliminate them for good. This is excellent information not typically known and kept secret by surgeons who want your money. Most guys just don’t understand the correct approaches to diet, exercise and lifestyle changes that will reduce man boobs in the right way and instead just settle for little more than mediocre results. If you are consistent you will get the results you are after.