Best Way To Stay Away From Man Boobs – Chest Exercises Alone Are Not Enough!

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chest exercisingWill chest exercises help me get rid of my man boobs?

In short, no! Overtraining the chest actually doesn’t get you anywhere. The secret is to train the whole body as well as change the hormone environment in your body. Developing your chest muscles will not get rid of man boobs but can actually make them worse in some cases because the bigger chest muscle just makes the Gynecomastia stick out even further. You must even out your exercise routines and include some good back exercises and good leg exercise as least. Circuit training and cardio is also excellent when done with high intensity.

You can achieve a reduction and even total elimination of your man boobs  with the right lifestyle rethinking. Changing your bodies chemistry is one very important step. How to do this? Well you must first start an application of topical DHT gel directly onto the chest. DHT is the male hormone that makes you have all the manly characteristics such as body hair and a flat chest! It will fight the effects of Estrogen directly at the receptor sites to eat away the Gynecomastia tissues. Lowering your insulin and estrogen levels is also critical. Man boobs are able to develop because Estrogen levels are too high or out of balance with Testosterone and DHT. Lower Estrogen,  increase your DHT levels, and your chest will almost  transform all by itself.

Remember, it is also important to train the biggest muscles in your body -the quadriceps, back and buttocks to increase overall muscle mass which in turn will burn more fat through increased metabolism.  Exercises which stimulate these muscles comprise barbell squats, leg presses, deadlifts and pull ups. Also whether swimming  cycling or running, you can do HIIT with any form of cardiovascular exercise. All you do is push at a quick pace for ’30 – 90′ seconds, then either rest or go slow for ’30 – 90′ seconds, then go at it once again. It is all about starting and stopping, simply like doing multiple sets in a ‘weight training’ protocol. Basically, start off with merely one or 2 cycles, and safely work your way up.

Studies have proven that big intensity interval training is excellent to build muscle and burn fat fast. Higher testosterone levels could pretty well be the reason sprinters are more muscular, ripped and shredded than endurance athletes. Basically whatever type of exercise you decide to do, do it with shorter intense bursts instead of slow and relaxed.

Instead of spend these two hours doing cardio, try one hour of high intensity exercise. The benefits are worth it. Increased Testosterone and melting fat just being two of them. The secret to losing man boobs is in fixing your hormones. When you sort out your hormones, the transformation in your chest will seem almost automatic.  exercising graphicThat’s when getting rid of your man boobs will all of a sudden be something that seems to happen all by itself, when you get the balance right.

One excellent dietary rule of thumb to proceed with for all ‘man boob’ sufferers, is to go on a lower carbohydrate dieting. Avoid all sugars and complex carbs like rice, pasta, and anything containing flour -cakes, cookies, breads, breakfast cereals and so on. Anyhow, for carbs try to only consume organic fruits and vegetables. Sugary foods are the worst! This will help tremendously in losing fat.

Getting rid of man boobs doesn’t need to be difficult!

In case you are still unsure of the correct plan, here is what you need to do:

  1. Start using Andractim daily – this is crucial to eliminating hard lumps
  2. Lower Estrogen by burning fat, using supplements like DIM and Calcium D Gluconate
  3. Start full body workouts that are short but high intensity like sprints or circuit training