Better Exercise And Diet Plan For Getting Rid Of Man Boobs

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Let me tell you, when dealing with the affliction called man boobs (gynecomastia) there is a lot of wrong information circulating around the internet. And one of the worst pieces of advice you can get is to do chest exercises to try and reduce or eliminate them!

Now here is the truth you need to know. Just spot exercising the chest will not help you with Gynecomastia! If anything it will make the condition worse because as your chest muscle builds up it will push out your false breasts even more! That is not what you want. In truth you need to lose overall body fat and likely attack the problem via hormone imbalance correction also.

Now here is how to really take care of the problem. If your issues is excess chest fat then you need to exercises the whole bod to lose the fat. You can’t spot reduce fat only in one area. You need to exercise the whole body. Circuit training is an excellent way to do this. You can also try sets of sprints. These are the type of exercise routines that will burn the fat from your chest and the rest of your body.

Now if your problem is the hard painful lumps that develop under the areola and stick out then your approach needs to be more hormone related. First you need to apply topical DHT gel to your chest daily. This is the number one way to eliminate those dang lumps! In addition, it will help to lower your body’s overall Estrogen levels. The unbalanced Estrogen is the cause of the lumps in the first place. To do this look into DIM, Calcium D Gluconate and Erase. Doing these two things together will have a powerful effects and reduce or even totally eliminate the Gynecomastia.

Another big problem many guys have is using certain medications that cause man boobs. The diuretic Spironolactone is one that causes huge problems. Did you hear of something like this before? Spiro destroys testosterone, hence an imbalance between Testosterone and Estrogen. So, it works so well in tanking T-levels that it is used in the transgender society to transition into a woman! Seriously. The good news is that when an individual has Gynecomastia due to this drug, it practically often reverses itself -besides T levels ultimately return to ‘pre spiro’ levels after a few weeks.

Another drug to avoid is Finasteride. Used by men for prostate enlargement problem and to prevent hair loss, decreases systemic DHT while at the same time increasing Estrogen! A formula for man boob development if ever there was one! If at all possible stay away from this drug.