Where To Get Stuff For The Protocol:

How to get topical DHT gel:


  • Most guys buy their DHT gel in a ready made product called Andractim. It is already formulated with the exact amount of DHT needed in the proper carrier vehicle and it’s relatively cheap. It is available to order online for all countries including the U.S. To get Andractim click here.

2. Other options:

  • You could also get a DHT gel compounded at a pharmacy. For U.S. citizens this would require a doctor’s prescription.
  • One other option  would be to make your own topical DHT. How to do this is beyond the scope of this site but you could check bodybuilding forums or do a Google search to find more information.

Recommended Anti-Estrogen Supplements:

The following anti-estrogens are effective for lowering and normalizing estrogen levels. They are all over-the-counter supplements that can be found on Amazon.com.

  • Myomin – Great OTC estrogen reducer.  Please search on Amazon for it.
    Note: A  reviewer on Amazon claims “My gynomatia was reduced by about 20% but no reduction after that even after upping the dose to the maxim recommended“. Well that is actually great! If he added topical DHT his results would be amazing. Remember it’s the DHT that eats the Gyno the estrogen blockers are just to help that process.
  • Estroblock PRO TRIPLE STRENGTH – Another very good natural anti-estrogen. Reduces estrogen to healthy levels without making levels too low. Please search on Amazon for it.
  • EstroVoid XT – This one gets good reviews and should do the job of lowering estrogen enough to help your DHT gel do it’s job. Please search on Amazon for it.